First Blog Post Coming Monday, 4/3/17!

Stay tuned for the first blog to be posted Monday, April 3rd, 2017! Posts will be up at least twice a week so make sure you follow along for the fun!

miami roof top

namastay traveling

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Welcome to Namastay Traveling! I'm Juliette, a 20-something certified yogi living in Washington, D.C. Follow along as I share my travel adventures while striving to achieve mindfulness along the way. Here you'll find helpful travel itineraries along with ways to practice peace while abroad. The adventurer in me honors the adventurer in you.

2 thoughts on “First Blog Post Coming Monday, 4/3/17!”

  1. Hi Juliette! I just found your blog on Chelsea Eats Treats, and I’m so happy I did! I too live in Old Town with my dude + our two pets and am allllllll about traveling and inner peace. 😉 I hope to connect with you someday, and I look forward to your blog!

    I blog over at Powered by Sass if you’d like to check it out in your spare time!


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